Persuasion and influence for great sales


New stairs of my life…

I haven’t written for a few months just because I’ve been learning. All my thoughts were dedicated to exploring a new area for me, new specialty I have never thought about before. I decided to change my life completely and started everything from a new sheet. I’ve begun a new chapter of my life, took a risk and done what I dreamt about for a long time.

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A powerful spirit of Bangkok


Have you ever felt that you are at home being somewhere very far away from the place where you really live? This feeling appears suddenly when you are walking on the unknown street of the town you have never been before. You can’t explain it, but you really feel that things that surround you are so close to your heart, so warm and valuable. For example, it can happen when you take vacation after long working hard year and travel to some beautiful country just to relax and get new positive emotions. You are full of happiness and enjoy each and every minute of your journey. You might think that this is the place of your dream, the paradise where you want to stay forever. Then, when your vacation is over, you return home to your everyday life, and gradually forget those vivid emotions of your trip. Just sometimes you look back fondly watching nice photos from that vacation in your Instagram.

But there is another side of the picture. Imagine that you are in a searching of your home. No, you are not the homeless. You just don’t feel that the place you currently live in is your real home. Then you are traveling around the world with the purpose to find the place where your heart would feel calm and happy, where everything would seem warm and close to your soul. When you have finally found this place you are not able to forget this felling of happiness you experienced there and you will always want to return there. I can’t describe this feeling by words, but I know that I am a person in a searching of this place. This is the purpose of my traveling and adventures.

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Independent English learning


I remember time when I hated English. But I knew that it’s very helpful in life to speak English and I really tried hard to learn it. I started studying several times in my life, I visited different courses and classes where we learned a boring grammar. It was impossible for me to remember all those rules and of course I couldn’t speak and understand English speech at all. So I gave up many times and abandoned English learning again and again. Honestly I didn’t need it much in my life until I met my first international friend three years ago.

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Atmospheric street Bangkok


Colorful, amazing, shocking, full of contrasts city… these are just a few words that pop up into my mind when I remember Bangkok. I have never been to Asia before my trip to Thailand in November 2016. I supposed to see a big modern city full of tourists and sights, but I even couldn’t imagine how this is going to affect on me. I had a cultural shock when I got to Bangkok. It seemed like I came to another planet. Everything was different, unusual and weird for me. Locals and their life, buildings, temples, streets, public transport, smell, humidity, noise, street food everywhere, power lines above my head. I was just stuck with my mouth open and couldn’t realize where I am. I suppose that most tourists don’t see the real life of Bangkok in the first moment they arrive. Usually they take a taxi from airport and go to their hotel. But I had a great experience to observe this amazing atmosphere of Bangkok from my very first steps there. We decided to get from airport to our place by public transport and see the real local’s life immediately. 

Now I can confidently say that for me Bangkok is the city with two faces. It’s an atmospheric street Bangkok and cultural religious Bangkok. I even can’t describe my emotions about this city in one post, so I’m going to separate my story. Let me begin from my favorite part, from the street Bangkok I deeply fell in love with.

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The little English speaker inside of me


It probably sounds strange, but I have noticed lately that I have two absolutely different personalities inside of me: Russian and English ones. When I speak Russian with my family, friends or coworkers I am a normal person that I have been used to being for whole my life. But since I have started communicating in English with my international friends and traveling to different countries I realized that there is another Milena inside of me, another person who thinks and even dreams in English.

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Adventures in Paradise


Imagine the colorful sunset on the empty small beach with a white sand, evening on the porch of small bungalow near the sea surrounded by exotic trees and coconut palms. You hear the sound of waves and smell Thai spices. You are relaxing in the hammock and time seems to slow down and eventually stop. That’s paradise, that’s a dream. One day you are able to find your own paradise to the place you haven’t been before. So I found this place in Thailand on the island of Ko Pha Ngan.

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Have you ever ridden an elephant?


Honestly I have never thought that I will ride an elephant in my life. But it happened, I did it! And it was a great experience. Of course I knew that elephants are sacred animals and symbol of Thailand. When we visited Ko Pha Ngan in November we met one couple with a map near one beautiful beach. We stopped our bike and asked if we could help them. They said that they were looking for elephants. We smiled and went on our ride. That moment I realized that I probably missed something important, I haven’t seen elephants in their nature habitat.

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