Persuasion and influence for great sales


New stairs of my life…

I haven’t written for a few months just because I’ve been learning. All my thoughts were dedicated to exploring a new area for me, new specialty I have never thought about before. I decided to change my life completely and started everything from a new sheet. I’ve begun a new chapter of my life, took a risk and done what I dreamt about for a long time.

One day we open our eyes at morning and understand this is the time for changes, time to move on to a new future. I’ve experienced something the same a couple of times in my life before. Those were stairs I claimed, but once I realized that there are no stairs in my life anymore it became too boring for me. Since that moment I’ve been in search of new stairs, new way and challenges. As you know already I love traveling and I’ve always done it with pleasure. I just needed something or somebody in my life to push me and show the destination for growth, somebody to persuade me and open my eyes. I met some people who became great teachers for me and their presence in my life played a big role. I’ve got a new interesting and just amazing life, new me and my new future.

So I have been a traveler and I found myself in helping people to find and buy trips of their dream. I decided to combine my hobby and passion with a job that brings me money. So now I am a travel manager in a travel agency and I sell what I love the most – trips. I have never worked with people directly before. It’s a very new area for me so I passed several courses before I started working. Of course they taught me powerful sales techniques and scripts, specifics of different countries, resorts and hotels. I got a lot of interesting and useful information. Next day after exam I started working with people directly. It wasn’t difficult for me, from first day I realized that I love this job so much. Each and every time I sell the trip I search for it as if I was going to this trip by myself. I learn new destinations, resorts and hotels every day. Even though I’ve never been to some countries I know where is the best beach there or which excursion to take, where to walk and what to see. It’s so interesting! I fully enjoy the process of selling and communication with different people. Somehow I can persuade them, I feel I have influence and they follow me and then return to the office after the trip with small presents or souvenirs and thank me. This is the greatest result of my work. 

I wondered before I started working in sales, which abilities and qualities of personality I should have to become a great sales manager, to persuade and influence people. I’ve found out the answer and I want to share it in order my experience could be useful for people who want to work in sales:

Deep understanding of needs, wishes and desires of people. Ask questions, try to figure out what’s important for them, what do they want. Listen, listen and once again listen. Show your care, lead the conversation.

Confidence. You should be absolutely certain in things you tell about, only then people will listen to you and follow your words and suggestions. Of course you should perfectly know the product and truly love it. So people will feel your excitement, see the fire in your eyes and they will want to experience the same. It’s very important to be able to inspire people like this.

Full engagement. People should feel that you are there for them, that you’re doing your best and ready to help in difficult situation and solve their problems. They will trust you then. Always do what you said and promised, show them that they are important for you and they can rely on you. 

Politeness. Call people’s names, greet them when they come and offer to sit. Offer coffee or tea and show your hospitality. Let them feel that they’re unique and important guests, even if they buy something cheap. Give them compliments. Everybody like attention and care.

Smile. Yes, sincere smile is very important. Even angry people will smile you back. Smile makes people feel relaxed and opened. Just your smile should come from your heart, it should be a sincere and generous smile, only then it will help you make connection with different people.

Last one thing I noticed, if you want to get a lot of permanent clients so communicate with them as if they were your friends, make them fall in love with you and they will be devoted to you and return.

Anyway I am learning every day and never stop. Each and every tourist and trip I sell give me new interesting knowledges and skills. So I still have a lot to learn to become a great sales manager and have success in travel business. I’m doing my first steps and I am really happy!


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