The little English speaker inside of me


It probably sounds strange, but I have noticed lately that I have two absolutely different personalities inside of me: Russian and English ones. When I speak Russian with my family, friends or coworkers I am a normal person that I have been used to being for whole my life. But since I have started communicating in English with my international friends and traveling to different countries I realized that there is another Milena inside of me, another person who thinks and even dreams in English.

In fact this person is much more confident, open, strong and persistent. The little English speaker inside of me is more creative and even wiser. I can discuss very deep topics with my English speaking friends, talk about things I hardly ever talk in Russian about. I can express my feelings more beautifully. Sometimes in conversations in Russian I stuck and try to find right words, because I know how I would say it in English, but it’s really hard to find words in Russian. When I read books in English, for example, I never use a dictionary, I fully understand a meaning, but I really can’t remember words in Russian. That’s why translation is the must difficult thing for me, especially from Russian to English. It’s much easier for me to switch from my Russian personality to English one and look at situation from another, English point of view, then I can talk about it in English using different words and even having a different attitude to this situation, but not translating it word by word.

Another strange thing, if I know that somebody speaks or understands Russian I usually use my Russian personality, not English one. It’s difficult for me to speak English with this person. I need some time to switch to an English speaker and reply them in English.

I have to tell you that my English speaking personality is a very strong part of me, it’s my future, my different life where I am successful and happy woman. 

Have you ever noticed something the same in your life? Share with me your experience.


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