Adventures in Paradise


Imagine the colorful sunset on the empty small beach with a white sand, evening on the porch of small bungalow near the sea surrounded by exotic trees and coconut palms. You hear the sound of waves and smell Thai spices. You are relaxing in the hammock and time seems to slow down and eventually stop. That’s paradise, that’s a dream. One day you are able to find your own paradise to the place you haven’t been before. So I found this place in Thailand on the island of Ko Pha Ngan.

Before my first trip to Thailand I had been reading the interesting book called ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland. There is a famous movie by this book with Leonardo Dicaprio. This is a story about the small island in Thailand located near Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan. The author so beautifully described the nature of this place that I was very much inspired by this book and I wanted to see this paradise by my own eyes. So we had chosen the island of Ko Pha Ngan as it seemed to be a calm, peaceful and not very touristic place.



We arrived to Thailand in the end of November and spent couple of days in Bangkok before we moved to Ko Pha Ngan. We flew about one hour to  the small town on the South of Thailand, than we took a bus and spent next three hours on the way to the port. After this we moved to a ferry that brought us to the island. We rented a nice small bungalow next to the sea. Our host Nicko was just an incredible person. He met us in the port, helped to rent a bike, accompanied us to our place and told so many interesting and useful things about the island. He always helped us with an advice and took care about us. We were lucky to have such a host like him. He told us about the most beautiful and interesting places on the island that we must have visited and things we might have been interested to do. So we came up with our ‘to do list’ for whole next week and our adventures had started. 


We visited incredible beautiful beaches, swam in the warm sea, rode by bike around the island, walked in the downtown of Ko Pha Ngan, ate at the local’s restaurants with traditional Thai food, enjoyed the Tom Yam and Pad Thai. We even found a Russian restaurant there and visited it couple of times to eat Borsh and Syrniki.

The weather was just wonderful. Almost all days were sunny and hot, except for one. It was a pouring rain, I would say, a bucket rain. But we didn’t want to sit at home, so we rode by bike around the island, completely wet, but it was so much fun! Sometimes doing crazy things gives a great joy and make me feel happy.


One day on the island became very special for me, and it was a day of our jungle trekking up the mountain with the purpose to see an amazing wonderful empty beach called ‘The Bottle Beach’. Of course we could take a boat and get there very easily, but we have never chosen the simple ways. We did hard. It was really tough for me to handle it. We spent more than an hour in jungles going up and up, this is an activity for adventurers. If to add my fear of snakes, I can definitely say that it was pretty hard for me.






But all my efforts and pain were compensated by incredible beautiful view that opened to us on the top point of mountain. Hugeness, beauty, power of nature that I saw made me feel thrilling. I  felt awe and was stunned observing this beauty. But I even couldn’t imagine what waits for me in the end of our trekking. I was completely exhausted when suddenly I saw the nice beautiful empty beach through leaves of trees.


The closer I got the more delighted I became. Those minutes we understand how wonderful is our world. That moment I felt a lot of energy that I got from nature, energy that helps me survive, energy I need so much and that makes me feel happy.








It’s difficult to describe the feeling when you swim into the warm sea after such a hard trekking and then drink a cold coconut water. God, it was a happiness. We spent a little while on the Bottle Beach and then went back the same way through jungles. Yes I know, it sounds crazy, but I enjoy doing crazy things sometimes, remember? 

We had a lot of adventures and exciting moments on Ko Pha Ngan. It was our small story deserved to be written. It’s difficult to describe emotions I experienced there. I am sure that we all need exciting moments in our life and we are able to do it. I was inspired by the book ‘The Beach’ I had read before this trip and I had my own adventures in paradise.


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