Welcome to a Journey


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

I’m Milena and I have been living in Moscow, Russia. I am a creative person, graphic designer and photographer. I love traveling and exploring the world. I can’t imagine my live without adventures. I always try to learn new interesting things and take important lessons from my journeys and people I meet. In this blog I would like to share my experience and tell about my adventures. You can find many stories with beautiful pictures about wonderful places I have visited so far and that inspired me a lot. But it’s not going to be just a travel blog.

There are many other things that excite me. For example I am very passionate about English learning. It has always been very difficult for me to learn English. But I have got some improvement lately. I finally feel confident and fluent, and it helps me a lot in my trips and adventures. I would like to share some interesting and useful ways of learning I found that really work for me and help me. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I would be happy if my experience was helpful for somebody else. I am sorry in advance for mistakes I might make, please just try not to judge me strictly, and I will try to do my best.

Our life is a big journey, full of interesting experiences, exiting moments and things we discover all the time on our way, new knowledges, skills and important lessons we get from different people and situations. This blog is about my life journey, about my way to wisdom and awakening. Growing and exploring are very important things for me and perhaps they are going to become the biggest goals of my life.

I know that life is changing every day and I am sure there are a lot of new things that wait for me on my way. So let’s discover the world together!

I dedicate this blog to my life teacher, the greatest person I have ever met, the traveler with a big life experience, the person I respect.


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