The beauty and magic of Chiang Mai


It was my second trip to Thailand, the country of smiles, sun and summer. I can’t tell you how much I craved to visit it again after long cold months of Russian winter. In the end of February, when I started being sick and tired of this snow, wind and freezing around I finally made my dream come true.

I was very excited to celebrate my birthday in the beautiful hot country this year, instead of sitting home and watching on blizzard through my window. There were a few other reasons that made my trip to Thailand very special this time. Anyway I just couldn’t wait to jump into the plane and turn out in the place I have dreamed about. The flight with Emirates was just wonderful and I enjoyed it, even though I had a long stop in Dubai. Finally, In 19 hours I landed in Bangkok.

We spent just one day in the capital of Thailand this time and then we moved to the north, to the very beautiful and interesting place located near mountains and named Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai impressed me a lot. It’s a very calm and clean small town with many historical and cultural sights and beautiful temples located mostly in the Old Town. On the other hand you can easily find here all necessarily things for modern life. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and coffee shops around, the huge shopping center, bunch of supermarkets ‘Seven/eleven’, night markets and all other things we can’t imagine our life without. Everything for comfort and relaxation. Yes, relaxation, this is the word that pops up in my mind when I remember Chiang Mai.





You can find a lot of activities and entertainments for any taste here. For example you can rent a bike and ride to the Maesa Elephant Camp to see funny elephant show or even ride an elephant and hug him. I’m going to describe my emotions about visiting an Elephant Camp in my next post. Also you can visit the beautiful park of flowes and countries Royal Flora Rajapruek, located about 20 minutes driving in the South-West of Chiang Mai.










You can go up the mountain and visit the temple named Phra That Chom Kitti. It’s said to be the second most famous temple in Thailand.



On the way to the temple you can visit a waterfall or do the trekking through jungles. Also there is a botanical garden near Chiang Mai. We visited all those places! But at first you should  definitely walk and see the old part of Chiang Mai full of wonderful temples. It took us about three days to explore the Old Town. I was delighted seeing all this beauty and magic of buddhist architecture. So many details and colors. Each and every place is impregnated of spirituality and deep meaning. Sometimes I felt a desire just to sit down, clean my mind and meditate. Each temple has its own special beauty and attraction.

Wat Phra Singh




Wat Chiang Man (one of the oldest temples of Chiang Mai)




Wat Lok Molee



Wat Chedi Luang








I have to say that something happened inside me after this trip to Chiang Mai. I saw so many beautiful and wonderful things that have inspired me a lot and got me thinking and looking at things a bit deeper I would say. I realized that it’s really a very nice and calm place for a peaceful life and probably I would like to stay there and live for a long time. I will definitely return to Chiang Mai once again as there left some nice things I haven’t been able to see in this trip. Anyway we spent a perfect time in Chiang Mai and it was an unforgettable gift for my birthday.


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